Peek & Cloppenburg apparel stores have always been characterized by tasteful design, elegance and sophisticated atmosphere.
ATIS has been working for P&C since 2007. Within the scope of cooperation, we deal with both development of completely new stores (including Prague 2010, Rostock 2013, Hannover 2014, Norderstedt 2015, Osnabrück 2015, Poznań 2016, Riga 2019) and renovation of the existing commercial spaces.

VAN GRAAF is a subsidiary brand created by Peek & Cloppenburg in 2001.

In 2016, ATIS received an order for manufacturing furniture elements for the Van Graaf store in Poznań (Posnania Shopping Mall) with an area of almost 3,000 m². In our manufactory we produced 645 different furniture elements (various gondolas, shelves, display boxes) and then we completed the assembly on site (on time!).

“ATIS has always delivered good-quality furniture in a reliable and timely manner. Thanks to their flexibility, ATIS supported us in solving various running problems efficiently ”.

Harald Wolff, Head of Store Equipment, Peek & Cloppenburg (Hamburg).